Five Things to Look for in Proof of Delivery Software

Getting the proof of delivery instantaneously was just unthinkable a few years back. One had to wait for the confirmation from the receiver’s and sender’s end to know whether the delivery was in time and perfect. The time-gap was lengthy, and besides, tracking was not at all possible. Gone are those days; things have changed a lot along with the advent of computers and the internet. Now, with the assistance of proof of delivery software applications, it is possible to get delivery-notifications instantly, and this is a great relief for all the parties involved. Apart from being a simple delivery notification software, the present versions will also do barcode scanning, photo capture, etc., and this adds up the functionality of the software.

Proof of delivery software applications is a good bridge that connects you to your logistics department, computer drivers, and back-office staff. By using the same, you will get a synchronized view as regards the carrier, goods, and the current status of the shipment. That said, you must go for customized software that will be suitable for carrying out your organizational needs precisely. It’s advisable to incorporate features such as barcode scanning, photo capture, etc., to make the software more handy and adaptable. These days, almost all of the companies are becoming more and more client-friendly. They show a keen interest in serving their customers in all possible ways. This bond-building is highly significant in the present-day competitive business environment; thus, they can become successful. The proof of delivery software applications helps the companies to serve the clientele in a better way.

Five Things to Look for in Proof of Delivery Software

•  The proof of delivery software applications that you buy for your specific purpose must address your precise requirements and must make your tasks effortless. The same must be both functional and easy to operate. You must check and make sure about these points. It is always sensible to buy customized proof of delivery software applications. Further, the managerial staff must be able to email the clients along with the proof of delivery. This perfect management system will enhance the business-opportunities and will augment the company revenue.

•  The software must improve the customer experience. All the parties involved must know the exact position of the delivery out-and-out. There must be prompt notifications as regards the delivery, such as pre-delivery notice, delivery tracking, and post-delivery. All these notifications must be accurate and on the dot. The employees must find it easy to use the proof of delivery software applications and must have no apprehensions as regards the usage. They must be able to feed the outputs as regards the assigned task and must be able to capture the inputs that the supervisors provide.

•  The app must record the actual time spent, from the start to the end. The customer must be able to track the item in real-time, and the field staff must be able to use it by using their Android phones. This arrangement will make it easy for the employees who are out in the field as there will be no need to have another device.

•  There must be a perfect provision for instantaneous visibility. Instantaneous visibility matters a lot and makes the related transaction transparent. Such transparent transactions are a must in our time to have fruitful business relationships. Besides, you must be able to share the data with associates or teammates. This sharing facility is imperative, and only then the teammates or the partners will know your response as regards a particular transaction.

•  The proof of delivery software applications must capture barcodes, signatures, and pictures. These are significant functionalities, and everyone involved must be able to do these functions without any difficulty.

That said, one must buy the software only from an experienced and established software company that has perfect technical knowledge. You can find such companies by searching through Google. You must also remember one main thing; the company from which you are buying the software must be ready to give round-the-clock customer service. Perfect customer service is a must as you may need it at any time.

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