Three Best Features of Antispam Software

Spam is a major concern in business organizations as they occupy a major portion of their email inboxes. It is said that spam messages add up to 60% of the emails that are circulated everywhere. This is a very huge number and affects big organizations in ways it is difficult to comprehend. Huge amount of spam as such create a lot of problems to business organizations which will be discussed below.

The article will also discuss the advantages of employing antispam software in email servers of business organizations and the three best features offered by software. Curbing spam messages, avoiding malicious content and creating list of the blacklisted IP addresses are 3 of the major features of antispam software. We will discuss these features in detail and understand how each feature will help in reducing spam a little less and keep the company mailboxes free from spam and security attacks.

What does Antispam software do?

Antispam software is made up of many email filter that block certain emails based on pre-defined directions. These filters are of many types including content based, list based, collaborative etc. Content based and list based filters are the most popular type of antispam filters in the antispam software. While content based filters block messages that have click-bait, marketing content, list based filters block those mails that are coming from black listed IP addresses. All in all, the antispam software ensures that spam is found and blocked from entering your mail inbox.

3 Best Features of Antispam Software

1. Black List and White List

The first thing that antispam software do is they list out both black listed and white listed IP addresses. Black listed IP addresses are those from where spam messages are sent to various locations. White list IP addresses are those that are trusted and coming from a regular contact. Having both these lists will make it a lot easier for an organization to prioritize important mails and avoid the unwanted ones. The lists are a great source of resource and can be used by other organizations as well.

2. Preventing Security Threats

Antispam software won’t just block spam messages from entering your inbox but also prevent any security threats that come along with these mails. Many spammers are also hackers who deliberately hide viruses, malwares and trojan horses in these mails to infiltrate email servers and gain control of computer systems of organizations. Spam messages are a serious threat to system security and rather than ignoring them it is wise to avoid them using antispam software.

3. Email Recovery and Quarantine

There might be instances where it is too difficult for the filters to judge if a mail is spam or not. In situations these doubtful mails are moved to quarantine for verification by the receiver and helps in recovering the mail if it is authentic and was mistaken to be a spam. This way the antispam software allows a certain level of autonomy to the email user and prompts chances to make changes.