Why Companies Should Use Red Hat OpenShift?

For those professionals who have been working with apps development and deployment, the challenges related are not new. As the complexity of the app grows, maintenance becomes one big hurdle. Alongside, there can arise many issues related to developing, tracking, and deploying multiple containers. This necessitates a container management platform, which is what OpenShift is.

For those businesses that have been in dilemma either or not to choose Red Hat OpenShift, we have a good explanation of why you should do so without any delay. Move on to read more.

Reason #1: Speed up the application development time

Application development includes countless complexities. Right from containerization to deployment, the bugs and issues that need careful attention are endless. OpenShift provides a transparent choice to develop your application. It is also a proven tool that is immune from hackers and vulnerabilities. This means, when you choose Red Hat OpenShift, you enjoy both the speed and security. This is a rare combination that you find with erstwhile tools.

Reason #2: Enjoy enhanced collaboration

Teams are now global and projects need instant collaboration for a seamless work process. Red Hat OpenShift provides smooth collaboration amongst teams and ones who need access to the projects and code. Your teams located anywhere globally can access the code without any language, communication, or time delay issues. This can give you an edge over your competitors and helps stay ahead of them.

Reason #3: Develop a product that is in tune with market trends

Red Hat OpenShift comes with varied features. For instance, its widget option lets your team design a customized application that is unique to your brand and caters to the customers’ needs distinctly. In another instance, you can leverage the expanded toolset feature of OpenShift and create an app that lasts for years to come and stays ahead with the changing trends in technology. Companies are increasingly embracing Red Hat Open Shift to create their mark in the customer’s mind to win amidst this cutting throat mobile application market.

Reason #4: Open Source and hence the minimal cost of application development

The main factor that contributes to the making of mobile application development is the cost of technology. Being open-source, OpenShift lets you develop an application with amazing features at a minimal cost. The return on investment is vast and the customer satisfaction and experience can be amazing with OpenShift designed apps.

Reason #5: Developer Friendly

Open Shift comes with an endless number of features:

•  Developers can inspect the health of the app with no additional effort.

•  Suits both stateful and stateless applications seamlessly.

•  Ensures beautiful coordination amongst teams located at varied geographies.

•  The best choice to build viable enterprise solutions and apps.

•  The absence of vendor lock-in is another attractive feature of OpenShift.

•  Guarantees the best security for data and separates various containers with effectiveness

Reason #6: Trusted by thousands of businesses

Ever since its release, thousands of companies have embraced Red Hat OpenShift. Thanks to its amazing features, budget-friendly, and developer-friendly options, companies that leveraged OpenShift in creating their own applications are countless.

OpenShift also enables scalable applications which are the main choice for many companies. It helps create applications that are agile, smart, and stays ahead of the game even with the changing tech trends. It means the investment made on OpenShift product development will give fruits for years to come. An additional benefit is you can develop the application and maintain it with limited resources effectively.

Reason #7: A product of trusted brand Red Hat

Red Hat is known for its quality and trusted services for ages. It is known for its strategic creation of products that cater to the business needs of the audience perfectly. The customer service and support that the brand offers are unmatchable. The whole range of products of Red Hat is known for its reliability, cybersecurity, and user-friendly options. The brand is also known for its loyalty towards customers in answering their legal issues if any that are related to the usage of their products.

Wrapping Up

While choosing technology for application development, it is important to consider a wide range of factors ranging from cost to the time take for completion. OpenShift scores are high in all these aspects that are discussed above. This, companies can use OpenShift without any second thought.

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