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Why You Should Use Email Encryption

Today, majority of business communications happen through email.  Employees may request contract information through email when meeting clients. Remote employees may share their sales report with their managers through email. Since email is used to send and share sensitive data,

Seven Reasons to Consider Cloud Based Spam Filtering

Email usage has grown in the corporate world and it has become the primary mode of communication between management, prospects, employees, partners, vendors, and investors.  At the same time disruption to this electronic communication has become a norm due to

Email Archiving: Few Things You Should Know

Over the past few years, email has become a primary medium of business communication. It provides organizations with a quick medium of conveying business correspondence such as sales transactions, quotations and purchase orders, virtually all across the globe with the

Positive Aspects of Cloud Based Spam Filtering Service

Spam can interfere with normal operation of systems by taking resources away from users without authorization.  This calls for the use of spam filtering service that can protect your business from the dangers of spam.

According to statistics released by …

Importance of Email Archiving

According to Osterman research, around 75% of a company’s intellectual property is contained in emails. This shows that emails are more than a business communication tool; they are electronic substitutes of legal business documentation. And so it is of paramount