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Importance of Email Archiving

According to Osterman research, around 75% of a company’s intellectual property is contained in emails. This shows that emails are more than a business communication tool; they are electronic substitutes of legal business documentation. And so it is of paramount

Spam Filtering for Small Businesses – Increase Productivity and Protect Your Data

Receiving loads of spam emails can be very frustrating and worse when they contain harmful attachments, which could potentially be a virus, etc. that affects the privacy of your data. These spam emails leak the most secure and confidential business

Key Benefits of Email Continuity for Businesses

According to some estimates, in the next few months the corporate world may face about 72% of accidental email failures or email outage on an average, sending shock waves across the business community. Email failure even for a very short

Why You Might Need Email Archiving Services

It is very difficult to imagine a workplace where emails are not used. It is an unwritten rule that for any formal communication, emails are the best means of communication. Be it business organizations or institutions like universities and public

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